Fiba Europe Cup: the best individual performances of the season

Fiba Europe Cup We saw in an earlier article the best performers from Basketball Champions League. Today I will present the best records in a game from 2018-2019 FIBA Europe Cup, won by the Italian team Dinamo Sassari.

Most points: Here the winner was Rashawn Thomas (Dinamo Sassari) with 40 points scored against Dutch team Leiden in the Round 2 of 1/8 Finals. Rashawn scored 11-16 inside the arc and 4-6 at the 3-point line in 32 minutes. He helped his team win the match 94-68.

Most rebounds: The player who achieved this title is Serbian Forward, Strahinja Milosevic. He plays for Szolnok (Hungary) and with his 19 rebounds and 24 points didn’t helped the team to win against Prishtina in the second stage. Szolnok lost the game 81-76.

Most assists: The best passer was given by German-finalist Wuerzburg. In the first round of the Finals, Skyler Bowlin managed to give 12 assists for their teammates, but it wasn’t enough as they lost first game 89-84. Despite his nice passing skills, his shooting was poor, finishing the game with 1-7 at the 3-point line.

Most blocks: Mikael Hopkins (Balkan BC) managed to get 6 blocks against Den Bosch in the Qualifying Round and helped his team to reach the Regular season of Europe Cup. He achieved this record în 32 minutes alongside with 18 points.

Most steals: Thief of the season was Hristo Zahariev (Levski Lukoil). He steals the ball 9 times against Balkan BC in the Second stage Round 6. Alongside with 26 points, he helped his team win 105-88.

Most 3-pointers: Stefan Moody helped his team Tsmoki Minsk won the game against Balkan BC 84-73 with 8 3-pointers and 31 points.

Those are the best records in a game in 2018-2019 FIBA Europe Cup. We’ll keep an eye closer to this European Cup next season, to see of these records will be broken.

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Bogdan Vasile Tirc