Fortitudo ended the season in a pathetic way

Yesterday was the last round of the regular season in Italy. Even if some teams were already eliminated we saw a couple of great games, where the players fought till the end.

Unfortunately, only fighting is not enough. It was the case of Fortitudo Bologna who started in a dominant way at Trieste have a double-digit lead at halftime and then melting like ice in the second part.

There can be some excuses of course for this bad finish: Matteo Fantinelli didn’t play at all for Fortitudo, Leonardo Tote was sent on loan at Bilbao Basket to reinforce the Spanish squad for the last rounds etc. But Fortitudo signed in his place another big man Vojislav Stojanovic that made the debut with his new team. So the rotation was deep and enough.

This game should have been won by Fortitudo who controlled it in the first half, but then they were not able to defend at all. There were so many open shots made by Trieste, that was impossible to beat them. On the other side, the refs have given much more free-throws to Fortitudo Bologna – 29 compared with only 13 of Trieste.

If Bologna would have scored decently from the free-throw line the game would have been solved. Instead of this, the ex-powerhouse missed 12 free throws, while Stojanovic had 2 from 9. Lack of concentration. It is the first time in my life when I see a Serbian guy shooting 2/9 from the free-throw line. How could you win the game in these circumstances? The referees are helping, but they can not score in your place. If you are too weak not even the refs can help you!

I expect some important changes for Fortitudo Bologna this summer! First of all, bring in players that can focus on basketball and score the damn free throws.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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