Fortitudo made a weak game, in spite of the win!

When the news that Peppe Poeta and Andrea Pecchia will be out for Vanoli Cremona was released, Fortitudo was seen as a big favourite to win the clash of the last 2 teams in Italy. The odds started to drop on Fortitudo Bologna because the arguments for the home team to win were very strong:

  • Fortitudo had to play in front of thousands of fans that are crazy for their club and for their passion for basketball. Bologna is a city where basketball is like a religion and his historical team deserves to be back in the European elite. I personally hope that the next years will bring good things for the fans of this amazing club.
  • For the moment Fortitudo is trying to avoid relegation to the second league of Italy, which would be a terrible thing. The club made efforts a couple of years ago to promote to the first league and losing yesterday in front of Cremona would have meant a disaster for Fortitudo.
  • Without Poeta and Pecchia, Cremona had some important roster problems because these two Italians contributed a lot this season, having together 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game. Even with them, Cremona’s lineup didn’t look so bright and the visible consequence is that they are in the last spot in Legabasket.

I don’t understand why Fortitudo played so weak and after having an 8 point lead with 3 minutes remaining they were almost to lose the encounter in a pathetic way. They finally win with a small margin of 85-83 which is incredible taking into consideration the difference between the two rosters. With a bit of motivation and chemistry, Fortitudo should win easily by 12-15 points.

Image credit: Fortitudo Bologna

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