Gran Canaria can surprise Iberostar Tenerife

Today, the Canarian derby is like always extremely attractive opposing teams with different situations in the standings. The hosts, Iberostar Tenerife have an amazing start of the season, being undefeated in the Spanish league after 6 rounds, while Herbalife Gran Canaria is sharing the last spot with Real Betis Sevilla and Gipuzkoa San Sebastian, having only 1 win in the first 7 games of Liga Endesa.
In spite of this apparently huge distance in the standings, I appreciate that it will be a balanced battle where the visitors from Gran Canaria have a good chance to steal the win. My reasons are:
  • For the first time since the beginning of the season, Gran Canaria had 4 days of rest. They played at home last game against Obradoiro and now they will travel 30 minutes to the other island for the encounter. They are not a bad team, but the schedule was very difficult for them with many games on the road and huge distances to travel go and back. Now, they don’t have this excuse.
  • Another problem solved for Gran Canaria is that they have parted ways with Porfirio Isac, the head coach that had some issues with a couple of players. After his departure, things will be calm again offering to the players a good state of mind which is the most important thing for the win.
  • Gran Canaria is really motivated for this encounter because they cannot continue to lose games. In 2 days they will meet Baskonia, another difficult derby, so I think they will focus a lot on these games than can announce their comeback in the fight for a playoff spot.
Last, but not least the initial odds on Gran Canaria were huge: on some betting websites including 4.75. That’s not the true value and you know it.

Image: Eurocup

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