Gran Canaria should start winning in Liga ACB

The comeback of Javier Beiran against Bursaspor should be the sign that Gran Canaria is ready to win games in Liga ACB. Not only because Beiran will help again the team with his experience, making the rotation larger, but because the harmony and chemistry could be reinstated in the squad.

Gran Canaria have now all the probability to start doing a good job as well in the domestic league of Spain. They qualified already for the Eurocup TOP16 and the focus should be on avoiding the last spots in Liga Endesa. The roster is much better after the additions of A. J. Slaughter, that played here before and Oliver Stevic, a necessary help in the paint. Kalifa Diop is back from his national trip with Senegal and probably Jacob Wiley will join as well.

Gran Canaria parted ways with Franco Ferrari, but he was far from being an important player for the team. Last year he played much better for Baxi Manresa. 

Sunday, Gran Canaria will face Fuenlabrada, exactly the team that lost Oliver Stevic and then replaced him with Kyle Alexander, that will make now the debut with his new team. I don’t see any reasons for Gran Canaria to lose this encounter. They are superior at any chapter and now that they solved the internal problems they should win some games, showing their real level.

Image: Eurocup

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