Group B is by far the easiest of Basketball Champions League

Basketball Champions League is growing every year since many traditional clubs are joining the European competition. This season will be the best because some important names were added during the break. In these conditions qualifying out of the groups will be much more difficult than ever. While Group A, C and D are very tough with at least 6 teams that deserve to be in the playoff, group B is an easy one.

The only stong teams of group C are Casademont Zaragoza and Tofas Bursa if they will maintain the last year’s level when the Spanish team had an excellent season in Spain and was the favourite to win BasketballCL, while Tofas was a Eurocup powerhouse. The group is hosting a lot of decent hard-working teams, but none of them is very tough to break. Cez Nymburk, Nizhny Novgorod and JDA Dijon are average squads that had the first chance to occupy the playoff spot after Zaragoza and Tofas. Then the Hungarians from Falco-Szombathely and the Polish team of Start Lublin will fight to avoid the last places of the group against the winner of the qualifying round between Iraklis/Keravnos/Dnipro/Groningen.

The level of group B is an average one and it seems rather like a group of FIBA Europe Cup compared with other groups of Basketball Champions League. It remains to see if these teams can have a strong acquisition campaign, signing some big names during the rest of the summer which can save this group from mediocrity. The most interesting thing is that the battle for a playoff spot will be very tied in Group B as in the other groups, but the qualified teams won’t have the same level. In Group A, C, D skilled squads will remain outside of the playoff, while group B will send there some average teams. But that’s the luck of the draw.

Image: Basketball Champions League

Gratian Cormos