Having only 3 foreigners Brescia beat Olimpia Milano!

Having only 3 foreigners Brescia beat Olimpia Milano!

This was the best game to illustrate the present and the future of Italian basketball. Yesterday Brescia having only 3 Americans in the roster beat Olimpia Milano’s super squad full with 6 foreigners plus another 2 American-Italians plus Italian national team players.

Let’s analyze some strange facts of the game. First of all, Brescia had only 8 players rotation for this game and Milano used 11 players. The 5 Italians of Brescia had an important contribution to the win, like Awudu Abass who scored 23 points, meanwhile, some Italians of Milano have seen ridiculous minutes on the court: Amedeo Della Valle played 7 minutes and Simone Fontecchio only 4!!!

I am sure that if Della Valle and Abass would have switched the teams, then as well their numbers for this game would have been totally different. Olimpia Milano gave only 7 minutes to the National team player Amedeo Della Valle, last year an all-Eurocup 1st team player in a game that went to overtime. In the same time, Awudu Abass played 43 minutes for Brescia and destroyed his former team Milano.

I understand that Olimpia Milano signed many foreigners for the Euroleague season, but why in the domestic league the club is not using more the Italians? The local players are very talented, but if they enter the court as a joke for 4-5 minutes they cannot produce miracles. And then, with all your foreigners you lose to a team based mostly on Italians like Brescia? This is the best sign of bad management, who is sinking the future of the Italian players, without any good result on the short or long term. Nobody will benefit from that, except the mediocre foreigners who will play for a lot of cash, producing mediocre results.

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

Having only 3 foreigners Brescia beat Olimpia Milano!

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