How I bet at live on Slovenia – Ukraine?

I love betting at the live time more than prematch because you can see better how the teams are acting, analyze the nonverbal language of the players and referees and so on. But the most I like to see unreal situations, incredible runs, huge margins that won’t be the same at end of the game.

Yesterday, after the first quarter Slovenia dominated Ukraine, accumulating a huge margin: 33-9. Ukraine played very bad this first 10 minutes, but I was sure that they will bounce back in the game, not winning but proving their level. I have chosen the bet on them to score more than 63.5 points and to reduce the handicap that was +26.5 at that moment. Every decision had to be made in a couple of seconds when you could catch the best numbers.

I based my choice on the fact that Slovenia reached their best in that game, they are a good team, but as well Ukraine, in spite of the bad start, could play decently in the next quarters.

Ukraine had in the roster a couple of guys that are playing or they played in the last years in the Spanish League, so their level was good. They are big, strong and playing very physical what Slovenia could not defend for the rest of the game.

Then, for Slovenia, the game was already won. All they need to do was to maintain a small margin till the end.

The final result was 84-73 with 3 quarters that belonged to Ukraine, who showed another face after the first stanza. The read of the situation was proper.

Image: FIBA 

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