How long will the Inquisition punish Javier Beiran?

I thought that the Inquisition time was gone. But I see the remainings of the oppressive mentality in Gran Canaria’s conflict between coach Porfirio Fisac and the captain Javier Beiran. The Spanish player is put out of the team since a couple of games and nobody knows why. Of course in the coach’s words, he doesn’t understand the way that Fisac wanted him to lead the team as captain. Ok, but this problem should have been solved through dialogue till now. It is an absurd thing to keep out of the team a good guy like Beiran. He was always a team player, not selfish, hard-worker, smart, helping a lot on both sides of the court.

Sometimes, a coach and a player can have a small conflict, but Amedeo della Valle has left Gran Canaria because of his problems with Porfirio Fisac. Other players like Andrew Albicy, Matt Costello and Franco Ferrari had also conflicted with the coach. So it’s not only Beiran. I think that in this situation when many players have a problem with a coach, is the coach that has to make some changes in his approach or to leave, not the players. And remember than we speak about civilized guys like these. Who had problems before with Della Valle or Beiran? When you see them you don’t have the impression they are 2 gangsters, impossible to integrate into a team’s strategy. They are actually 2 guys with many skills and a high basketball IQ. So they are not a problem!

From the practical point of view, it is stupid to remove from the roster healthy players risking to lose games. And remember that at the first absence of Beiran, the coach said that he was a bit injured and then the player denied that fact. What was that? A lie? You tell the media that your healthy player is injured?

A solution had to be found already. This is an embarrassing situation for the club and for the rights of basketball players all over the world.

Image: Eurocup

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