A couple of weeks ago when Prometey started to think to leave Ukraine and playing abroad because of the war threat I was sure there it is only an exaggeration. There will be no war, I thought. But I was wrong and actually, the Ukrainian squad had to move to Nymburk in the Czech Republic.

     I am sure that all these changes provoked by the war between Russia and Ukraine affected a lot Prometey, a very strong team with an amazing season in Basketball Champions League. Yesterday, I had that proof. Prometey hosted another great team U-Banca Transilvania from Romania. It was a tough clash and both teams showed great skills but Prometey was not at their best and I understand them. Leaving Ukraine, they had to change their arena, to lose their crowd of fans, the town, all that was very familiar for them. Add the fact that now there will be no domestic league of Ukraine where to compete and if they finish the European campaign the players will have to find a new contract with another team. So there is a lot of insecurity and psychological issues that should affect players in these mad circumstances.

     Yesterday, Dj Kennedy had 0/8 from the field, while 8/8 at the free-throw line. Another scoring machine, D’Angelo Harrison finished with only 5 points and Miro Bilan with 9 points. All those 3 guys scored a month ago 80 points at Oostende. What happened with them?

     I don’t think that the only explanation was the very good defense of U-Banca Transilvania. I watched DJ Kennedy, Harrison and Bilan in more than 100 games. They are amazing players.

    Then, Prometey had 70 shots attempted and 25 free throws while the visitors only 67 shots and only 14 free-trows. The problem was the percentage, very poor for the Ukrainian team and the best proof that the whole situation caused by the war affected their game. This team is excellent but yesterday we saw only a shadow of it!

Image credit: Basketball Champions League

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