How to bet on Eurobasket qualifiers?

First of all, I recommend you all to be very careful because national teams can provide the biggest surprises. Who thought that Slovenia will hammer Spain and then Serbia to win the last Eurobasket? Who trusted Argentina to reach the finals of the World Cup? And the examples can come with hundreds.

My advice if you want to bet on national teams for these Eurobasket qualifiers are:

  • Don’t bet on the names of countries, bet on rosters, bet on motivation, bet on chemistry.
  • Enter on all the national federations websites and make a review of each roster, to see all the changes because the rosters can vary a lot since the last FIBA window.
  • Chose only huge odds, unrealistic ones because actually the level is very tied in the majority of cases. Almost every team has a couple of players activating in strong leagues in Europe like Spanish, Italian, Turkish, VTB, German or French league.
  • Think about that national teams don’t have the same time at their disposal to build strong relationships between their players. 12 excellent guys that are coming from 12 parts of the world to assembly a national team cannot guarantee a solid game.
  • National squads are different than basketball clubs, where there is a hierarchy, chemistry since the players have learned their roles in the team etc. That’s why National teams can fail easier than clubs.

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