How to play with Zoosman the entire overtime vs. Olympiacos?

I could better rephrase the title of this article like this: How do you want to have a chance to win if you introduce Yovel Zoosman 21 minutes against any decent team in Europe?

And let me be clear I am a supporter of introducing home-grown players as many minutes as possible. But not committing the error of playing almost the whole overtime against Olympiacos Piraeus with a young and very weak player that finished the game with -5 index rate. Yes, let him play, but when you lead with 15 points, but not in the most important moments of the game.

Coach Sfairopoulos the victory was there, but you made wrong choices and the players were once again unable to execute the instructions. If there were any instructions. Maccabi players just practised a chaotic run-and-gun and this was the price to pay.

Olympiacos had to be beaten very easy last night. The Greek team came without key-players like Papanikolaou and Harrison, the old Spanoulis played only 5 minutes etc. But even in these circumstances, Maccabi Tel Aviv was not able to win.

Ex-NBA “stars” like Omri Casspi and Dragan Bender entered as well in what we can call “Zoosman mode”: 0 points, negative index rate. These 3 players (Caspi, Bender, Zoosman) had together 42 minutes on the court and -12 efficiency value. How could Maccabi win the game with such pathetic players?

On the other side, the Greek players of Olympiacos were simply amazing, totalizing 59 points!

Image: EuroLeague 

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