How to reduce the violence on the basketball court. Dominique Sutton’s case

The case of Dominique Sutton during the game between Tecnyconta Zaragoza- San Pablo Burgos is not a singular one. Fights and act of violence are present in many basketball courts. From the NBA to the smallest championship in the world, some players are cessing to the pressure of the game and commit unsportsmanlike action.

My proposal is to substitute the suspension of the next game for the players involved in fights with more money to pay as fine for your bad behaviour. It is so ridiculous that in the NBA and in some countries of Europe if you criticize the referees you get a huge fine from the federation but if you fight on the court game you get a suspension and maybe a small fine.

The suspension of the player, let’s take the case of Dominique Sutton won’t help anybody:

  • his team will have to play without a key player in the next 4 games, a fact that will affect the quality of the game and the whole team which is not fair
  • the punishment for the fighter will be resting him the next games but he will take the salary as he would have played those games
  • the federation has no earnings on that

Instead of this, my proposal is to eliminate the suspension of the fighters everywhere in the world but to fine them strongly between 15-85% of their monthly salaries. Imagine what this would be in the NBA, where players like Patrick Beverly, Ron Artest and Dennis Rodman made a lot of trouble almost every game.

Are you involved in fights during the game? Ok, but let’s say you will pay 250 000 $ for this! What you will do next game? Will you be aggressive again? Perfect! Another 250 000 $! And if you continue like this at the end of the season you will be in debt! Touch the people on their money and you will see the right reaction! It applies with success not only in basketball, but now we need it in basketball to stop the bad behaviour on the court.

Here you have the video that generated Dominique Sutton’s suspension for the next 4 games:

Gratian Cormos,

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