I took Bilbao -1.5 handicap over Fuenlabrada

2 days ago in my private Telegram channel, I recommended betting on Bilbao Basket to win over Fuenlabrada and to include as well a -1,5 handicap on the Basques. There were my reasons:

  • Fuenlabrada was already out of danger of relegation, but at the same time they couldn’t reach playoffs, so this had no particular meaning for them.
  • Retabet Bilbao needed desperately the win in order to fight to avoid relegation. They are not a bad team at all but this was a nightmarish season for them because of injuries and COVID. These circumstances forced Bilbao to operate always new changes in the roster, so the chemistry wasn’t reached. Before this game, they have brought in Leonardo Tote on loan from Fortitudo Bologna.
  • I was sure Bilbao will do anything to win this game, because Alex Mumbru, their coach is a fighter and the whole city and organization are loving basketball. Bilbao has a great tradition in this game and their arena was always full of fans.
  • Bilbao had the solution to avoid relegation in their hands. All they need are victories. If they would have failed yesterday the situation would have complicated too much for them. We have to take into consideration they have more difficult games to come.

If the players were completely healthy, Bilbao would have won easily, but unfortunately, they were not totally recovered from Covid.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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