I took Strasbourg to win vs. Iberostar Tenerife at odd 4.30

10 minutes before the game start, I announced in my premium Telegram channel for basketball betting tips that I chose SIG Strasbourg to win against Iberostar Tenerife. I will explain to you here the reasons for my pick:

  • The odd was huge, 4.30 on bet365 and even more on other bookies. Even if you lose some games at this odd it is worth in the long run.
  • The difference between the 2 teams was not so big. Of course, as every year Tenerife is favourite to win the trophy, but Strasbourg had their chance. If you watched them the entire season, you saw that they had some missing players during many rounds. The French squad was almost never with their entire roster. When they had it, they played good level basketball. Like they did yesterday.
  • Iberostar Tenerife is a great team, no. 3 in Spain but in their last game in Liga ACB they were destroyed with 33 points margin by a modest team like Fuenlabrada. This was for me a sign that Tenerife is vulnerable at the moment. They had the whole roster but they were smashed in a pathetic way. If Fuenlabrada could do this, why not a motivated Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is a team of brave guys that fought till the end. Entering the overtime they lost 2 players with 5 fouls which made their rotation smaller. But this didn’t count at all. They were amazing., winning against all odds.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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