I trusted U-Banca Transilvania to win at Oostende

The decision to recommend this game on my Telegram channels with basketball betting tips came 10 minutes before the game started. I saw that Antoine Pierre Gilet, one of the most important players of Oostende is out for this encounter and this strengthened my idea that U-Banca Transilvania has a good chance to win the battle.

Is not that Antoine Pierre Gillet is a kind of Lebron James, but he is a very skilled player and without him, the rotation for the Belgian side became shorter. The Romanian squad has also a short rotation for the Champions League games but the quality of the first 7 players is bigger.

The 5 starters of the visitors were superior to the Belgian 5 starters, the fact that was visible at the end of the first quarter when U-Banca Transilvania led with 31-12.

Oostende is a great team and they had a good European campaign this season. Last week they destroyed Unicaja Malaga by 18 points, but that game couldn’t be a reference for their basketball because as we know the Spaniards came without some important players. So let’s forget about that amazing game. At the moment when Prometey was still in the group, Oostende was 0-3, while U-Banca Transilvania had 3-0 and this says a lot about the potential of both teams.

Anyway, I have to admit that the Belgian side fought till the end in spite of many unlucky circumstances: Dusan Djordjevic was injured in the first minutes of the encounter and even if he came back was not in the best mood to play, the visitors had 2-3 lucky shots, while Oostende missed incredibly from the free-throw line.

Last but not least, the argument to bet on the Romanians was the odd, 2.45 on them, which was too good not to be taken.

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