Italian Cup: Brindisi can surprise Avellino

In the Italian Cup, one of the most attractive game will be the battle of Avellino with Brindisi. I think that Brindisi can surprise Avellino and win the game because:

  1. Avellino has just lost Patrick Young, their most important center. Demetris Nichols will be sidelined too and there are some injuries for the Italian players of Avellino
  2. Brindisi is one of the most solid teams in Italy and they are having a good period right now. The rotation is also larger than Avellino’s one. Let’s not forget that Brindisi won already this season against Olimpia Milano proving their extraordinary offense (101-92)
  3. Avellino has won just the game against Brescia (but everybody beats Brescia) from the last 8 confrontations in Legabasket and in Basketball Champions League
  4. If Brindisi will play a smart and organized run and gun, they can put Avellino in difficulty, especially with the fouls

Gratian Cormos,

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