Joel Embiid with a Historic Night

What a night it was for the 76ers superstar, who almost posted a 60-point quadruple-double. Yes, you read it right, and we know that this stat line looks to be taken out of a video game, but it’s not. Joel Embiid started the first half slow, as he scored only 24 of his total 60 points in that span. Coming into the third and the fourth quarter, though, he dominated the game, a game which was very close from start to finish, with Utah Jazz being slightly in front for the whole contest, except the last minutes of the fourth.

Embiid shot only 1-for-5 from the three-point land, which makes all this more interesting. He also had 24(!) free-throw attempts, making 20 of them. That is, indeed, a huge amount of trips to the charity strips, but it shows how aggressive and willing to make it all on the floor was Joel Embiid in this game. He finished with a 67,9 field-goal percentage on 19/28 field-goals. Safe to say that he had one of the most efficient nights of his career, scoring 59-points on 67,9 FG%. 26 points and 5 blocks in the 4th quarter.

The fact that he also had 7-blocks makes it even more crazier than initially thought, and it just shows you how dangerous Philly can be if James Harden will come back to his old form, as they can be a 2-way team, on offense and defense.


Before this game, he was coming off of a 42-10-6 night, beating the Hawks on Saturday. Being able to do all this stuff on a back-to-back just adds to the impressiveness of the situation, and if Joel will continue to be mentally locked in and stay consistent, Philadelphia 76ers will be a tough nut to break this season. It remains to be seen how James Harden will bounce back from his injury, because at this point, Philly’s aspirations to a deep run into the playoffs rely on Harden to be able to take that 1-2 punch intro fruition.