“Jurassic Park”: people, emotions, energy

Jurassic Park. It’s not about Kawhi being the MVP, It’s not about Lowry’s hard work year after year after year. It is not about Siakam, VanVleet or any other heroes. It’s not even about coaches and tactics.

But about the passion of an entire community, an entire city, an entire country. Emotions. This is all about. All gathered in this place that they called it ”Jurrasic Park”.

Some say that sport is nothing without their fans. What happened last few months in Toronto is the definition of this sentence. And if full house gyms are regular in NBA Play-Offs, they did it even better. And Maple Leaf Square changed its name in Jurrasic Park.

And it was packed. Of people, emotions, energy. There were the memories of a new NBA team, a team who started its history on an empty baseball stadium, the spirit of Air Canada and Vinsanity, the hopes of first NBA Champion outside of the USA.

And Raptors wanted to reward the love. With love. And they took care of every detail. From creating six fan-zones with some massive 30 x 52-foot screens, concerts, street-art, freebies, food-zones. A perfect place for living this kind of night.

Drake was there (of course), famous actress Lilly Singh was there, the mayor of Toronto – John Tory was there. They were there belong other 10.000 fans, chanting for their first NBA Title.

What happened in Toronto was not a celebration of winning, but a celebration of basketball, the joy of an entire community united by this amazing sport.

Now they celebrated the title. And was not only the Jurassic Park on the streets but the entire town. People taking days off, companies have changed their work schedule, traffic was stopped and the entire city breathed basketball.

And in honor of these magic moments, the Mayor Hall of Toronto officially change the name of one street from Jurassic Park Area to Raptors Way.

Alexandru Rad