LeBron giving back to the community

LeBron giving back to the community

Basketball is a great sport, with people and for people. Moreover, the NBA has its own ways to give back through charity events.

Nonetheless, some players fight even more to give back to society one way or another.

One year ago, LeBron James shocked everybody when he had opened “I promise school”, a school in his town, Akron. His goal was to give a chance for other disadvantaged kids, from first to eighth grade.

This is a special concept because the kids benefit free tuition, free uniforms, free bicycle and helmets, free transportation within two miles, free breakfast, lunch and snacks, food pantries for families, GEDs and job placements services for parents, guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates.  This project has also a sensitive social goal, to prevent the high school dropout rate in Akron.

Beyond money and fame, everybody should consider giving back to society. Only together, we can fight for a brighter future and give a chance for those who have not been so fortunate to have wealthy families.

With this kind of examples, we ought to support and appreciate the greatness of true models both on and off the court.

Nicolae Sorocan

LeBron giving back to the community