Liga ACB – a role model for the European Basketball

There is no debate that the Spanish League is the best in Europe. In a previous article we wrote about this when, in an interview at Skorer TV, Hedo Türkoğlu made the statement that the Turkish league has a better level than the Spanish one, pretending to be the best in Europe. I don’t come again with the same arguments that you can read in the mentioned article.

The unicity of the Spanish league consists of more money invested, a more balanced battle for the trophies and a huge fan base for almost all the teams involved in the competition. That’s why Liga ACB called as well Liga Endesa should be considered a role model for the European basketball. Now they are again the only domestic league in Europe that is trying very active to find a solution for their games to be played. The Canarian islands or Andorra as the place for a Final tournament with 12 teams split into 2 groups is an excellent idea. Not involving the last teams of the ranking is brilliant and at the same time making the fight for the title more interesting by including 12 squads, instead of 8 teams like in a normal playoff.

The format proposed is original with 33 games in 2 weeks, including the semifinals and the final played in a single game. The idea seems to be agreed by 70% of the Spanish people, according to a poll made by the Spanish Marca, that has already more than 15 000 voters.

Other European leagues should take the example of ACB, not only now in these special circumstances generated by the Coronavirus, but as well on building a stronger competition, with many quality clubs, more sponsors, better bench players, amazing marketing and so on – all details that are making the Spanish league the best in the Western world after the NBA and the Euroleague (including here Eurocup too). If all these details will be completed in other countries of Europe, cancelling the leagues won’t be so easy.

Photo: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos