Liga ACB Endesa is not able to offer the live stats of the games. Simply embarrassing!

This is one of the most ridiculous situations that can happen in European basketball. The website which provides news and statistics about the Spanish League is not offering the live stats of some games as THEY HAVE TO. Is not only a small mistake because it happened already many times these last weeks!

Yesterday after the halftime of the game between Zaragoza and San Pablo Burgos there were no live stats and as you see in my print screen only this information appeared: The game didn’t start! How “didn’t start” if it was already started about 1 hour ago? I know that you are a Spanish website and you cannot do anything on time, but 1 HOUR LATE?

How is possible that the best basketball league in Europe to not have live stats for the games? The richest and the most important national league in entire Europe? Is this a bad joke? Does the ACB league care about the fans that are watching the games and are interested in live stats?

Normally the official pages with live stats are offering the list of the players from both teams with 10-5 minutes BEFORE the games. For the basketball games from Turkey, their national basketball federation is offering the live stats with 20-25 minutes before the encounter! This is the meaning of the LIVE STATS! To be LIVE! I understand that LIGA ACB is not able to be so punctual and correct! But 1 hour late you don’t have the live stats?! This is so ridiculous even for the Spanish idea of punctuality and responsibility!

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