Lionel Messi agrees with 30%, Ellias Harris (Bamberg) don’t accept 50% of his salary!!!

There are difficult times for all of the people involved in the sports industry. From managers to coaches, players and the whole staff working on any club. With no season on the table, money is going to be cut by any team and the agreement with the players is important. The best example was given by FC Barcelona who cut 70% of their salaries for their staff no matter if we speak about football, basketball or other sports discipline. It is normal in these wild circumstances and the players understood well the situation.

True legends are leading by personal examples. That’s the case of Lionel Messi who came up with a speech where he said that cutting the salaries was an appropriate idea and is a sign of supporting the community. The same attitude was expressed by Ante Tomic, the captain of FC Barcelona basketball team and by many other players.

But at the same time, Brose Bamberg has some problems with one of their player who didn’t want to agree with the salary cut by 50%. It’s about Elias Harris as told by Sportando. He is the captain of the German squad and the only fellow from the entire organization who disagrees with the salary cut. And of course, the strong reaction of the supervisory board chairman, Michael Stoschek showed up:

“I am very disappointed that our captain Elias Harris is not fulfilling his role as a role model and is the only one who has rejected the agreement.”

50% of your salary is not enough for doing nothing? When millions of people have lost their jobs and the economic crisis is now bigger than the virus threat? What does Ellias Harris want? 100% of his salary to stay home watching Netflix the whole day with the family? Embarrassing! When legendary guys all over Europe accepted the salary cut, who is Ellias Harris, an average BasketballCL role-player, to ask for full coverage of his money?

Photo: Basketball Champions League

Angel Jimenez