Maccabi Tel Aviv is the definition of domination

Maccabi Tel Aviv is the definition of domination

If you are European and you watch basketball it is impossible to not have heard until now about Maccabi Tel Aviv. Maybe you know about their two consecutive EuroLeague titles in 2004 and 2005 or about their title in 2014. However, this club is one of the greatest European organizations in history.

Altough they had a lot of success in the international competitions, today I want to talk about the internal contest. Maccabi Tel Aviv was founded in 1932, 22 years before the founding of the Israeli Basketball Super League. Therefore, we can deduce that the national league of Israel began in 1954, that was 65 years ago. This is why the following information will shock you.

In 65 years, Maccabi Tel Aviv managed to win the title 52 times. This means that the club won 80% of the championships. Also, Maccabi Tel Aviv has 44 Israeli State Cups, the last one coming in the season 2016-2017. For me, this looks like pure domination.

For example, between 1970 and 1992, Maccabi Tel Aviv never lost a league title. This means that they won 23 consecutive titles, which is amazing. It is no wonder that this club has some of the best fans in Europe. For example, at the 2014 EuroLeague Final Four, which took place in Milan, there were 10.000 Israeli fans which came to support their club. But this goes back in the past until 1977 when Maccabi Tel Aviv won their first EuroLeague title. After winning this prestigious competition, when the players returned to Israel, 150.000 fans were waiting for them.

However, at the moment, Maccabi Tel Aviv is not in a very good form, but I’m convinced they will bounce back in a short time and return where they belong.

Maccabi Tel Aviv is the definition of domination

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