Mark Stevens punished by the NBA for his gesture

Mark Stevens. One of the best things about the game of basketball is the fans, the power of the crowd, and the exaltation of every individual. There are fans travelling thousands of kilometres just to see their idols. However, there is also a dark side of every fanbase, which creates meaningless acts of violence.

Every franchise, has one or more superstar fans, New York Knicks has Spike Lee, Toronto has Drake, the City of Angels has so many. Why are they so important for the game? Because they influence the rest of the crowd, they are the voice of a city. Nonetheless, some fans are bad for the basketball show because their fanatism becomes actually too high.

The most recent example, this Wednesday, in game three of the NBA Finals between Toronto and GSW, Raptors’ superstar, Kyle Lowry, was pushed by the Golden State investor, Mark Stevens, generating discontent among the players, first one to step up being the King, Lebron James. On his Instagram account, he accused Mark Stevens for his brutal gesture, and said: “Something needs to be done ASAP!”

NBA did something, according to an NBA statement that has been issued by Mike Bass, Executive Vice President, Chief Communications Officer. The official position of basketball association is totally against Golden State investor’s behavior and the “punishment” was accordingly, 500000 $ and one year ban from the home games.

My question is, was it too much for a push? Is the right call? Or, should he have been banned for life? Moreover, is it possible that this kind of behavior encourage other fans to become more violent and aggressive?

Nicolae Sorocan, info@brainbasketball,net