Mornar Bar is building a stronger team

Mornar Bar is building a stronger team

Last season, the Montenegrin club had a sad experience in the Eurocup. They got only 2 victories in the group stage, both of them against Fiat Torino, a team who lost all 10 games in the competition. This year Mornar Bar will switch back the competition playing in the qualifiers for the Basketball Champions League, where they have a big chance. Their opponent on the way to the groups will be the winner of the clash between Benfica and Donar Groningen, not so strong teams at this level, so normally the ex-Yugoslavian team has to pass them easily.

The acquisition campaign provides us with the reasons for this to happen. Mornar Bar welcomes back Derek Needham and Brandis Raley Ross, who had previous experience with the team during the 2017-2018 season, when they won the national championship, reaching as well the Fiba Europe Cup quarterfinals. I am sure that Mornar Bar will have some big results with these 2 guards, especially because they played before together, having very good chemistry.

But last days, Mornar Bar dropped another “bomb”: the signing of the former Barcelona, Khimki and Cedevita player, Jacob Pullen, who owns the record for the most 3-pointers scored in a game in the Spanish Liga ACB history with 13 shots made from the arc.

Last but not least, ex-Euroleague forward, Milko Bjelica joined the Montenegro powerhouse bringing in a lot of experience and size.

Till now the new signings look very promising and the good news is that both Americans, Needham (Montenegro) and Pullen (Georgia) have European citizenship, so the team has the possibility to add more foreigners during the summer.

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Gratian Cormos