NBA champions – more unpredictable than ever

The battle in the Orlando bubble during the last weeks showed us some interesting perspectives about the NBA. It’s not only about incredible wins that will always be the most attractive part of the sportive show. Or about some teams saving efforts in a couple of games in order to reach healthier and more rested the playoffs.

This season is special and that’s why predicting the NBA champions is more difficult than ever. At the beginning of the season Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklin Nets and Los Angeles Clippers were big favourites and some teams like Portland Trail Blazers or Dallas Mavericks were only playoff aspirants.

Now, the situation changed a lot, especially because of the COVID outbreak in the whole world. There are no favourite teams and almost none could be considered an absolute underdog. This is happening because all the NBA franchises are in the same boat. Bring them together in Orlando equalize even more their chances to win the trophy. You know why? Because in this new situation, there is no home-court advantage in the playoff, there will be no tiring travels to visit the opponents, no fan crowds to put pressure on you during the game, so the action will be totally different.

This season is giving a good opportunity to small, underrated teams to make some surprises. I don’t say that this is mandatory to happen, but if it will, don’t be so shocked. Another huge X factor is how the teams will respond to the fatigue because the break generated by Covid-19 was large and not all the players recovered totally at their initial shape. Some of them are still struggling to be back at their highest potential, while others are already there. Definitely, it will be the most amazing playoffs in the last years.

Image: Clipsnation

Gratian Cormos