NBA Players Lookalikes

NBA Players Lookalikes. The legend is saying that every one of us has one doppelganger somewhere around the world, a person that looks like “a brother from the same mother”, literally. Well, there are quite some NBA players and celebrities that happen to look the same to a point where you start asking yourselves how the heck can it be possible for two random men to look so alike.


  1. JJ Redick and Adam Levine

If the guy from Maroon 5 can shoot threes like JJ shoots them, something is not right here. But I guess we will never know.


  1. Stephen A. Smith and Ludacris

Ok, he is not an NBA player, but we’ll give him a pass on that. Meet Ludacris’ big brother, Stephen A. Smith. Oh, and they are both matching the same level of madness, too, when you see them on television.


  1. Malcolm Brogdon and Oscar Nunez


  1. Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher

Korver, Kutcher, Ketchup, doesn’t matter, they all look the same.


  1. Tobias Harris and J. Cole


  1. Enes Kanter and Freddie Mercury

Maybe Freddie had some Turkish roots back in the days.


  1. Kent Bazemore and Chance the Rapper

The lookalike on this one is crazy. They look like they are actually twins.


  1. Reggie Jackson and Bobby Shmurda

Even though you haven’t heard another thing about “Bobby Shmurda” after that “Hot N*gga” release, you can’t deny that those two can trade places and maybe you won’t even notice.


  1. Steven Adams and Jason Momoa

No wonder why Steven Adams is called the Aquaman by the entire NBA fanbase.


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