Nizhny Novgorod with the first chance vs. Zaragoza

It is a historical moment for Nizhny that is hosting these days the FINAL 8 tournament of the Basketball Champions League. I think they have a great opportunity to advance to the semifinals, beating Zaragoza because:

  • If you take a deeper look at Nizhny, they are a very serious team. Built around home-grown players, they grew game by game, season by season. With the addition of experienced Euroleague champ Andrey Vorontsevitch, Nizhny Novgorod have a complete roster and a good rotation. They are motivated, hard-workers and with a good discipline created by coach Zoran Lukic.
  • The fact they are playing at home in front of thousands of fans that will come to see the games (because in Russia you can do that!!!). will be a huge factor in their help. 
  • Casademont Zaragoza travelled a lot and as well they have played in the weekend a tough game against Real Madrid, while the local team is well-rested.
  • Even if the rosters are balanced, I think Nizhny can focus more than Zaragoza. The Spaniards are a very oscillating squad.

The short history of the Basketball Champions League showed us that the host team advanced to the finals and took trophies. Only Antwerp Giants didn’t win the title (hosting the event in 2019) but they won 3rd place.

I expect Nizhny Novgorod to win the battle and I think a small handicap of -1.5 can be also taken.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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