Nymburk doesn’t need the win against Tofas

In the case that JDA Dijon will win tomorrow, in Cyprus at Keravnos and Tofas Bursa will also win at CEZ Nymburk, three teams will be tied in the group with the same number of victories. Nymburk, Tofas and Dijon each of them will have 4 victories and 2 losses. So who will qualify for the next stage of the Basketball Champions League?

If this scenario will happen, then Nymburk and Tofas will advance to the next phase because they have a huge advantage in front of Dijon. The French team has lost the last 2 rounds in front of Nymburk and Tofas with an accumulated difference of 69 points, while they won with 24 against Nymburk and with  6 against Tofas.

Now if we count the margins between the three teams: CEZ Nymburk has +19, Tofas Bursa +20 and JDA Dijon -39. The only possibility for Nymburk to lose qualifiers is a margin of -60 points in the direct game against Tofas, which won’t happen. So Nymburk can relax not forcing a win and even if they lose, it won’t mean anything because anyway, they will advance to the next stage.

This situation represents actually a huge advantage for Tofas Bursa, that has to give anything on the court in order to steal the win in the Czech Republic. It’s again a do-or-die for Tofas and they proved last round they can face this kind of situations. 

Image: Basketball Champions League

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