Partizan eliminated in an embarrassing way

In the summer, Partizan started to build a new project bringing in famous Euroleague coach Zeljko Obradovic. This move attracted many good players that soon have joined the Serbian club. Good Euroleague players like Kevin Punter or Zach LeDay came to Partizan to win the Eurocup and maybe the MVP title. Nobody understoond at that moment why those fantastic players have left a Euroleague opportunity for a lower division. But let´s say that the name of the great coach convinced them to make that step.

In the regular season, Partizan did not impress, losing 4 games in a group with mediocre teams. In the away game at Joventut Badalona they were completely destroyed but everybody said that this is just the period of building chemistry and so on. Ok, no problem with that. Great teams have to win in playoff. And the playoff came with the illusion that Partizan will fight probably in the final act against Virtus Bologna.

Instead of this game of cards, Partizan was no able to beat an average team that finished on the 7th spot in the other group. Bursaspor controlled the game in spite of their limited rotation. Even more, in the 4th quarter when Partizan took the lead, the great coach Obradovic was not able to manage the end of the encounter and the game enterred overtime. Bursaspor played the entire overtime without Derek Needham and Kevarrius Hayes and even so, Partizan was not able to win.

A big disappointment for all the Partizan fans. They expected Partizan to blow Bursaspor by 20 points or more. I am sure that if Zeljko Obradovic would have had the Bursaspor roster he would have lost yesterday too in front of Dusan Alimpijevic. It was not about the rosters, it was about bad coaching or better said no coaching at all!

Gratian Cormos