Peristeri lost a huge opportunity at Dijon

Yesterday, in spite of the odds, Peristeri was the favourite of the game. Even if they played away, at Dijon, they had the first chance to win but they were not tough enough to do it! Why did I consider Peristeri the favourite of the game? Because their opponents, JDA Dijon were very affected by the injuries. Two important players Jonathan Rousselle and Chase Simon were out for the French team, while Abdoulaye Loum was already long-term injured.

The French team had rotated only 8 players against Peristeri and if you take out Gauthier who entered just 6 minutes with 0 efficiencies, you have a 7 players rotation. Then add the fact that Jacques Alingue was hunted the whole game with foul trouble and he finished eliminated in the last quarter. Then add the fact that Robin Ducote and David Brembly are not amazing basketball players, so Dijon had important roster problems.

Peristeri had a larger bench, more shots attempted 64-60, more free-throws attempted 18-14, more steals made 11-7, and fewer turnovers 12-16, but even so, they were not able to win. The Greeks were not able to score in some key moments of the game. Five players of Peristeri scored together only 4 points!!! If you take out Marcus Denmon who had a great day from the arc (5 from 7), the whole team had only 2 from 17 at three-pointers. With such a bad percentage, you cannot win!

Unfortunately, Peristeri lost a huge opportunity to steal an easy win and get closer to qualifying.

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: Basketball Champions League