Pinar Karsiyaka smashed Stal Ostrow as I expected

I was waiting for this game since 2 weeks ago. But, when the odds were posted, I wanted to wait for the game-time. Why? Because Pinar Karsiyaka, one of the greatest teams in Europe, had some injuries and lack of energy in their last encounters. I wanted to see with my own eyes at live their attitude if they were focused and prepared to win etc.

When I saw Amath M’Baye scoring the first 7 points, including an amazing steal from the hands of Damian Kulig I was sure that Karsiyaka will do it. At 7-7, I decided to bet on them and I recommended to my private Telegram channel to do it as well. Not only the attitude of the Turkish team has convinced me, but as well the fact they had back on the lineup 5 foreigners. Now their rotation was much better than in their previous games and with their tremendous motivation, they couldn’t be beaten by the Polish team.

In cases like this when I expect the game-time to place my live betting, I pay attention to the body language of the players. Yes, even it seems crazy I study the warm-up of both teams to see their non-verbal communication, the signs that show me trust in their own power, the desire and optimism to win etc. Or including the first minutes of the encounter to see how they approach the game.

And yesterday I saw a very determined Pinar Karsiyaka and I was 100% sure they will smash the hosts.

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