Poor offense + no defense = Estudiantes Madrid

Yesterday, one of the most humiliating basketball games took place in Badalona. The local team, Joventut without Ribas, Zagars, Connor and Dawson trashed Movistar Estudiantes. The only important absence for the visitors was Nemanja Djurisic but this cannot work as an excuse to lose by 27 points margin. This is embarrassing. To get beaten by a squad that had only 8 players from the first team and forced to complete their roster with juniors.


Everything was a stupid, selfish mess. Maybe Estudiantes have some covid cases and they didn’t know or it’s just about “mental covid” but this game was simply pathetic. Normally, Estudiantes should have a chance to win if we think that Joventut Badalona had 5 games in the last 10 days, including a long trip to Kazan in Russia. Then their roster is composed almost by youngsters plus Ante Tomic, while Estudiantes Madrid has many experienced players.


Let’s admit that you can lose even in these circumstances, eventually with 10 points, 15, but with 27 points margin??? That is absolutely ridiculous. These kids poured 97 points on you? There is no defense at all or what? The efficiency value of each team – another huge blow: only 56 at index rate for Movistar Estudiantes and 124 for Joventut Badalona. Players like John Roberson, Edgar Vincedo, Alec Brown, Alexandar Cvetkovic with zero or around zero at efficiency in 20 minutes spent on the court? How is this possible? You get paid for this or is an amateur league? Give your salary back, until you start to play basketball!


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