Promitheas needing the win against Oldenburg

During the last weeks, Promitheas Patras strengthened their roster with Euroleague veterans Loukas Mavrokefalides and Vangelis Mantzaris but the results are failed to come. They lost the first encounter of the Top16 at Brescia and as well suffered an embarrassing and unexpected loss in the Greek league against Larissa BC. During the weekend they managed to get the first victory of 2020 in front of Ionikos Nikaias, with a small margin. This was not a convincing result and everybody is waiting to see Promitheas at their highest level. Maybe this game against Oldenburg will mark the resurrection of this team, with an impressive roster, but recently in a bad shape.

I think chemistry is missing for the Greek side and if they can find a solution for this weakness the squad can easily qualify from this group, where all the teams have almost the same level. I don’t see a clearly favourite to win the group at the moment, especially if this round Reyer Umana Venezia will smash Brescia Leonessa and Promitheas Patras will do their job defending their home court vs. Ewe Baskets Oldenburg.

The German squad looks very solid, having a large rotation with experienced players, but let’s not forget that Promitheas Patras put down Virtus Bologna, a title contender in Eurocup, so anything is possible. Playing at home, in front of their fans can boost Promitheas morale for an important win. In the case of a loss, things will complicate a lot for Promitheas who will be at 0-2 in the group and their chances to qualify for the Eurocup quarterfinals will be compromised. For a club that is investing a lot and is having Euroleague’s dreams for the future, I expect a better result than losing at home against Oldenburg, but God knows with the Greeks.

Photo: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos