Real Madrid did the right thing with Pablo Laso

During the last weeks, an important debate was made about if Pablo Laso should continue as the head coach of Real Madrid or not. Coaches, players, and friends of the coach all come up with subjective thoughts. Finally, the club decided that he won’t coach Real Madrid. Then the speculations start to appear on social media. The main of it is that the club management had something with Laso and they found now a great excuse to erase him.

But leaving the speculations and subjective opinions behind, I want you to think a bit about the whole decision. Why should I allow you to continue as a coach if you had a heart attack and you could die on the court? It is not healthy to continue to coach even for Pablo Laso. His body gave him an important signal that coaching, which involves stress, long plane journey all over Europe and fatigue could literally kill him.

Pablo Laso has achieved glory in many ways this decade, winning everything with Los Blancos: Euroleague, Liga ACB, Copa del Rey and so on.  He doesn’t have to prove anything more, he belongs to the legends of basketball. He made also enough money. I know that the passion and the ambition to achieve more titles are big in Pablo Laso’s heart. But I am convinced that the best choice for his health is to take care of himself and enjoy the decades to come without the stress of coaching basketball.

Image credit: El Pais

Written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

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