Real Madrid got beaten by the worst Baskonia of the century

If this Baskonia is the worst version of the Basque team in the last decades, imagine how bad Real Madrid has played yesterday. The host team had all the advantages and I am not speaking only about the home-court. It’s about the simple fact that Real Madrid had one additional day to rest compared with Baskonia.

Both teams played a double round in the Euroleague in Russia last week, losing both games. But Real Madrid played on 16 January in Moscow at Khimki, while Baskonia on 17 January at CSKA. So, Baskonia had less time to recover. And in the context of 3 games in the same week that has to count a lot.

Real Madrid’s loss is even more surprising because they started the game very well, dominating the first quarter with 32-18. But the biggest surprise is offered by the only 6 points scored by the hosts in the 2nd quarter when Baskonia devasted Real Madrid, taking the lead at the halftime with 39-38.

The second half was very balanced and in the end, Baskonia conserved the minimum margin to seal the win (95-94). A huge result if we take a look at all the missing players of the Basques (Luca Vildoza, Patricio Garino, Jayson Granger). They resisted the entire game, rotating only 8 players, which a difficult especially when you play at Real Madrid. Of course, the hosts had their injuries too, but even so, their roster is much larger and more expensive.

Favourites can be beaten, there is no doubt about, but my deep question about this encounter is how talented players like Trey Thompkins and Jeffery Taylor, both finished the game with -1 at index rate, while Nicolas Laprovittola, the Liga Endesa last season’s MVP had 0? Something is fishy there for sure and this loss came as a confirmation of the fact that Real Madrid is on a losing path this season.

Photo: Euroleague

Angel Jimenez