Reggio Emilia – Bravissimi!

Reggio Emilia – Bravissimi!

I am sure nobody gave any chance to Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia to defeat Happy Casa Brindisi in this round of Legabasket. First of all, because Reggio is in the reconstruction process and some main players didn’t join yet the team. The good news is that K.C. Rivers already signed and it seems that Tyrus McGee will come soon. So, everybody expected some good results but starting with the next rounds after the roster will be complete.

But against all odds, Reggiana made possible the miracle. The travelled to Brindisi with a bunch of young Italian players backed with the experience of 3 international veterans: Pedro Llompart, Benjamin Ortner and Pablo Aguilar, who was the hero of the game with 29 points and 8 rebounds.

But the most important effort was made by the young Italians from Reggio Emilia who showed quality coming from the bench. At the end of the game, Ricardo Cervi, Niccolo de Vico, Federico Mussini, Leonardo Candi and Raphael Gaspardo scored together 43 points, huge numbers if you compared them with the points scored by Italians from Cantu, for example, who make just 3 points per game together.

This shows us that there is a hope for Italian basketball. The solution for the Italian teams is not to fill their roster with the unnecessary mercenary foreigner players, but to grow and give minutes to their national talents.

Graţian Cormoş,

Reggio Emilia – Bravissimi!

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