Reggio Emilia – stronger this season

Reggio Emilia – stronger this season

Last season was the worst one for Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia. They were almost on the edge to be relegated to the second division in Italy, but with some luck they avoided it. The Legabasket finalist in 2015 and 2016 is trying now to rebuild the roster in order to come back in the Italian basketball elite.

The first important step for the club was to sign the experienced coach Maurizio Buscaglia, who left Dolomiti Energia Trento after some good seasons spent there. I trust Buscaglia as a great organizer, a coach who always had results and I am sure he can refresh as well the engine of Reggio Emilia. The road to the playoffs is very difficult in Italy since there is a huge number of good quality squads who will fight for a spot, but I am confident that this season Reggio Emilia won’t be on the last places of the regular season.

The club has changed almost completely the roster, parting ways with 10 players. From the last year’s roster, they have kept only the giant Ricardo Cervi (2.15 m) and the Italian youngsters, Leonardo Candi and Alessandro Cipolla.

But they have added two strong local players, former Euroleague guard Peppe Poeta and the hope of the Italian basketball, Simone Fontecchio, who was benched too much at Olimpia Milano. Now with Reggio Emilia, Fontecchio had the chance to relaunch his career proving a high basketball level.

Till now, Reggiana has signed only 5 foreigners, but all of them very ambitious and ready to win games. Darius Odom-Johnson and Josh Owens are the biggest names of the roster, but as well the Hungarian star David Vojvoda, the ex-Eurocup Reggie Upshaw and the NCAA Dererk Pardon can shine during the season. The squad looks solid and stronger than last season. Under the coach Buscaglia, this team can surprise a lot of opponents and bring back the former glory to the Italian club.

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Gratian Cormos