Returning to Barcelona is the best option for Pau Gasol

Returning to Barcelona is the best option for Pau Gasol

At this moment of his career, Pau Gasol doesn’t have to prove anything in the NBA. He won it two times, he had great numbers and definitely, he will remain in the history of the strongest competition on Earth. Let’s not forget his actual situation: he will be back on the court after a long injury and probably will be benched a lot, which he doesn’t like. And Pau is not young anymore. The other 2 European gods, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker had already retired at the end of the last season.

Of course, every player has his own plans and expectations, so Pau Gasol can stay in the NBA one more year, maybe two. But I remember in the past, Pau stated that he would like to finish his basketball journey in the lovely city of Barcelona. And that moment is exactly right now! Because of two important reasons which I will explain below:

  1. F.C. Barcelona has the best chance to win the Euroleague with or without Pau. Their acquisitions campaign was simply savage: Brandon Davies, Nikola Mirotic, Alex Abrines and Cory Higgins are huge signings, proving the fact that Barcelona wants badly the title. If you take a look at the other Euroleague powerhouses, they are simply disintegrating or signing average players.
  2. Pau is already 39 years old. If he doesn’t sing now with Barca, then when? When he will be 40? 41? It will be too late for him to write Euroleague history!

If the NBA champion will join F.C. Barcelona this summer, will be a smart move for him. He will be crowned as Euroleague champion, achieving all the possible glory in and outside Europe. Is up to him, but 20 years from now money won’t count so much compared with the joy of bringing to Barcelona a new Euroleague title.

Gratian Cormos