Rytas is playing the worst basketball in decades

Yesterday, Rytas Vilnius made a horrible game at Riga. The team was not a team but a bunch of incoherent guys running over the floor and taking only bad decisions and crazy shots. The loss with 24 points margin is even more surprising if you think that 2 weeks ago Rytas lost with only 4 points against Riga but the circumstances of that game were totally different.

In the first game, Rytas had a very short rotation, with many players missing with coronavirus. VEF Riga was the big favourite to win that encounter and they eventually did it but surprisingly with only 4 points. In the second game, Rytas had a super-rotation with Andrew Goudelock, Keith Benson, Ryan Boatright and their best Lithuanian Martinas Echodas back in the roster. On the other side, VEF Riga missed Aignars Skele, so their rotation was reduced to only 8 guys – from which 2 finished scoreless.

The smart move of the ball, the precision of the executions, concentration won the game for Riga. Rytas with all their Americans played much worse than in the first game. Actually Gouldelock, Benson and Boatright were the best help – not for their team – for the opponents. They orchestrated a chaotic offense that led Rytas to disaster. Instead of winning with a comfortable margin, Rytas was smashed big time The final result 84-60 doesn’t say so much as the index rate does: 91-43 for the Latvian squad.

Some changes have to be made if Rytas wants to avoid this ridiculous situation for the rest of the season.

Image: Basketball Champions League

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