Selfish Toney Douglas led Darussafaka to an embarrasing loss

Selfish Toney Douglas led Darussafaka to an embarrasing loss

I don’t know if Toney Douglas is smoking something or not. But if he does it, he had some quality stuff. Because it makes him think that he is a kind of Jordan. And this is a big change when we all can see the reality reflects the opposite.

In the yesterday game against Besiktas, the ex-NBA star was simply pathetic. He scores only 6 points in more than 32 minutes spent on the court. His percentage was a disaster, including 0/5 from the arc for an all-around poor shooting FG: 3 from 13!!!

But the worst is yet to come: Douglas missed 4 one-on-one actions on the fastbreak, another two 3 points shots missed in the last minute of the game and the final lay-up that could seal the victory for Darussafaka. A total mess that cost his team an important game to reach the playoff. Actually, he wasn’t clutch at all, as everybody expected.

The real problem of Turkish basketball is exactly the excess of these selfish players. Too many American mercenaries who don’t care about the team, but only about their own stats. This kind of mentality suffocates basketball in Turkey. The teams from this country have to bring in more European players and to give more credit to the young Turkish ones. Weak American guys will not help the Turkish league to develop.

Gratian Cormos,


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