Serbia playing trash basketball

Serbia playing trash basketball

Yesterday I spoke about the risk of betting on the national teams because they provide the biggest surprises in basketball. And now we have another confirmation: the ridiculous lost of Serbia. Not against the USA, but Estonia, a small country on the map of basketball, and even more surprisingly they didn’t come with all their best players.

When you realize the Estonian roster was composed by a couple of players of Kalev Cramo plus youngsters, 18-19 years old, the Serbian loss becomes more stupid. On one side you have a scary squad with big names like Milos Teodosic, Stevan Jelovac, Miroslav Raduljica, Dragan Milosavljevic,  Marko Simonovic, Stefan Bircevic and so on. And on the other side poor kids from Estonia who used to watch Serbia on TV reaching European of World Cup Finals.

Let’s not forget to mention the most important thing: that half of Estonia players (the kids) are playing in secondary leagues in Spain (not Liga ACB) or Germany. Juniors like Kristian Kullamae (19 years old) who scored 18 points, having 15 index rate, meanwhile the god od Serbia, Milos Teodosic scored 16 points with 13 index rate.

Every time when I see absurd things like this, my reaction is: and if we switch the salaries for a year between those players? Let’s say that we pay Milos Teodosic or Miroslav Raduljica the salary from Spanish 3rd league. Because this is actually their level with the national team. You play rubbish, you got paid rubbish. Deal?

But hell, no! You want the biggest salaries in Europe, you are pushed to play in Euroleague, in NBA, in China and you are not able to beat some kids from the 2nd and 3rd league! Go home, look in the mirror and be honest: you play trash! National team with results at the level of Romania or Bulgaria! With dreams of World Cup Champions!

Gratian Cormos,


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