Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich

The FC Bayern Munich basketball team was founded in 1946 as a part of a bigger club that contained many sections. Although it never achieved the glory of the football team, FC Bayern Munich Basketball still got some titles: 4 German Championships and 2 German Cups. However, half of these titles were won in the last 5 years. Before that, the last trophy won by Bayern Munchen was in 1968.

Therefore, we can affirm without a doubt that over an interval of more than 30 years, FC Bayern Munchen was in a phase of mediocrity. The change of culture began in 2008 when the leaders of the organization said that they want to become again one of the greatest teams in Germany. They began to work hard and in the 2013-2014 season, they got into the EuroLeague, thanks to a wildcard.

Now, 5 years later, FC Bayern Munchen is one of the most surprising teams in EuroLeague as they have proven to be one of the healthiest organizations. The coach of the club is Dejan Radoncic, while the captain is Danilo Barthel. The other players on the roster are Nemanja Dangubic, Nelson Weidemann, Braydon Hobbs, Alex King, Petteri Koponen, Leon Radosevic, Vladimir Lucic, Maodo Lo, Milan Macvan, Nihad Dedovic, Robin Amaize, Stefan Jovic, Derrick Williams, Devin Booker, and Marvin Ogunsipe.

Over time, some of the best athletes that have played for FC Bayern Munich are K.C. Rivers, Tyrese Rice, Dusko Savanovic, Robin Benzing, Robert Maras, Jared Cunningham, and Ondrej Balvin. Also, there have been some great coaches that trained this club: Aleksandar Dordevic, Svetislav Pesic, and Dirk Bauermann.

The team currently plays in Audi Dome, a beautiful arena with a capacity of 6700 people. FC Bayern Munchen is on the 9th place in EuroLeague and on the first place in the German League. However, they didn’t manage to win the German Cup because they were beaten in the quarter-finals by Alba Berlin.

David Istrate