Telegram channel for basketball betting tips

Gratian Cormos created a Telegram channel for Basketball betting tips.

To be added, contact on Whatsapp or Telegram this Spanish mobile number and speak directly to him:

+34 612414486

The membership costs of the Telegram channel are:

  • 40 euros/ month
  • 65 euros/2 months
  • 85 euros/3 months
  • 125 euros/6 months
  • 160 euros/the whole year

According to this membership, you will have daily access to the betting tips of Gratian Cormos. You will receive by Telegram pre-match odds and live advice as well.

If you want to know more details about Gratian Cormos please visit:

Another opportunity that you have is to stay with Gratian Cormos on a video call and to understand WHY PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE LOSING MONEY BETTING. The cost of a session is 40 euros/1 hour.

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