The best defenders ready for BasketballCL Final 4

Today will start the most important event of the Basketball Champions League season. It was a season of struggle and growth were the defense was more present than ever. Let’s review the leaders of the blocks category who will meet tonight in Antwerp in a do-or-die match.

5. Cliff Alexander is scary in the paint no only on offense, but as well in defense. He made 11 blocks for Brose Bamberg and he seems ready to improve his stats during the final tournament.

4. Amath M’Baye (Virtus Bologna) is the perfect image of an all-around player. No only shooting, passing or rebounding but as well as a great defender. He gathered till now 12 impressive blocks before the Final 4.

3. In spite of his young age, the Spaniard Sebastian Saiz finds himself between the best defenders of the competition. The center of Iberostar Tenerife has made 14 blocks so far this season.

2. The giant of Virtus Bologna, Dejan Kravic was very useful for his team in the paint on both sides of the court. Especially in defense he put a lot of pressure on the opponents, registering 19 blocks already.

1. Ismael Bako (Antwerp) is the rim protector for the host team without missing a game in the competition. He made the most blocks (24) between the remaining players in the competition.

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