The bet of the weekend: Levallois won at Dijon!

A couple of days ago I recommended on my private Telegram channel to take Levallois as a winner at JDA Dijon. The odds were higher than 2 and reached 2.35 before the game on some bookies. I will explain here my choice to trust Boulogne Levallois:

  • JDA Dijon travelled last week to Peristeri Athens for the second game of the Basketball Champions League’s play-in. They lost in Greece, so they will have the 3rd and final match against Peristeri on Wednesday. The winner will advance to the Top 16, which will be a great reward. I am sure that any team in these circumstances will save some energy in the domestic league and focus on the do-or-die game in the European competition.
  • While Dijon was tired after the travel go and back to Athens, Boulogne Levallois was fresh and rested since they don’t compete in any other competition than the French league. Their entire focus is on the domestic games.
  • This year Levallois has a strong team, the rising star Victor Wembanyama, which will make the step to the NBA in the near future and a great coach in Vincent Collet. This season, Levallois is aiming for the title in France, which is very difficult if you look at their main opponent, the Euroleague powerhouse AS Monaco, but I think they have a great chance to be in the Finals. This game was very important because it consolidate 2nd place in the regular season for Levallois.

As I supposed, a tired Dijon couldn’t stop the amazing offense of Levallois who won 103-94.

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: Levallois