The continuity of the roster should be the key for Anadolu Efes

Many teams are changing almost completely the roster every season. We could understand this after unsatisfying results, but there are some other factors involved. To maintain the same rosters in not only about having a big budget, but is also about building a team, solid chemistry during a couple of years to achieve something.

All great squads than won the Euroleague, with few exceptions have done this: maintaining the core of the team for multiple years, trying to reach glory. Think about past performances made by CSKA, Panathinaikos, Real Madrid, Olympiacos Piraeus, Maccabi Tel Aviv.

This is the situation now with Anadolu Efes. Their desire to win is big, the money good enough and they will maintain almost intact the last years’ roster. Except for Alec Peters, the majority of the important fellows have signed contract extensions: Shane Larkin, Dunston Bryant, James Anderson, Tibor Pleiss, Rodrigue Beaubois, Chris Singleton. Anadolu Efes will keep as well the talented Turkish players like Bugrahan Tuncer, Dogus Balbay and Sertac Sanli. The group is solid and has chemistry proved in the last years when they build a strong relationship.

Maybe there will be some changes because Vasilje Micic could reach some offers from the NBA and Adrienn Moerman and Krunoslav Simon are not confirmed with a contract extension, but the core of the team will be maintained and this is the key of success. If Anadolu Efes should have rebuilt the whole team, even with excellent players, it would not have been the same. Relying on continuity is the best they can do, especially after a fantastic year when they were so close to winning the Turkish league, being in the same time no.1 in the rankings of the Euroleague’s regular season. This previous success brings them again together ready for a bright future.

Image: Euroleague

Gratian Cormos