The difference between Euroleague and the domestic leagues

Are you surprised about Alba Berlin winning the German championship with 3-1 against the powerful Bayern Munich? Or by Virtus Bologna clear final 4-0 against the Euroleague powerhouse Armani Olimpia Milano? Sincerely, I am not.

Normally, if you take into consideration the good path in the Euroleague that Bayern Munich and Olimpia Milano had, you expected they win without problems in their domestic leagues. Bayern finished on the 5th spot the Euroleague season and had a great chance to be also in the Final 4, while Milano took the 3rd place final.

On the other side, we have Alba Berlin that had a mediocre season in Euroleague, with no chance to reach even the playoffs. Regarding Virtus Bologna, they had a good season in Eurocup, but it’s Eurocup, not Euroleague and they lost in the semifinals. So Hipotetically Alba Berlin and Virtus were the underdogs, while Bayern Munich and Olimpia Milano the true title contender in their domestic league. What happened then?

Well, the level of the battle was actually very balanced. The main goal for Bayern Munich and Olimpia Milano was to reach European glory and they did it in their way. The title in Germany and Italy was also important but the competition was different and the motivation level was different. Alba and Virtus came fresh, with a desire to win and they fought 40 minutes because they were considered the outsiders of that finals. For their opponents, the motivation was not the same, because Euroleague was the main goal and for sure some of their players will part ways with Bayern and Milano.

When the battle is balanced the enthusiasm and determination will decide the winner. And they did! Alba Berlin and Virtus Bologna crowned champions!

Image credit: EuroLeague

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