The impact of the missing players positive to Covid-19

In one month the leagues will start slowly everywhere in Europe. Some people are still waiting for miracles, maybe for “Putin’s vaccine” of other types of healing, but if this won’t succeed then we will have to live with Coronavirus the next months, maybe years.

In the last weeks, many teams from different countries signalled COVID cases between their players. As they train together the virus could pass easily from one to another guy every second. If a player or a member of the staff is found positive, he will be isolated from the rest of the team for at least 10-14 days. Then he can come back to train, but not at his highest potential because the disease weakens his body.

The recent case of Michael Ojo, who died from Coronavirus, after being almost healed and then suddenly making a heart attack while training is very sad. Michael Ojo was a beast, a strong man, young, with one of the most in-shape bodies, but he died anyway.

Now, what will happen in the future when some players of a team will be diagnosticated with Coronavirus? How this team could compete? Would they be allowed to travel in order to face the other team with the risk of spreading the disease? And then, if only 1-2 players are affected the squad still could play, but imagine 8 players from 12 quarantined because of Coronavirus. The games will have to be postponed. Sooner or later it will be chaos and no possibilities for the European clubs to compete weekly. Any team could lose some positive players and then get beaten by the worst underdog. With an incomplete roster, you cannot perform at your best. This will make things unforeseeable as well in the betting world, there won’t be any clear prediction anymore. How could you bet Monday on a team that will play Saturday, if maybe Thursday 3 players could be diagnosed with the virus?

Photo: Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos